Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Petal Pusher

greetings, dear readers:

i have returned....with news from the flower world. after years of fretting, googling and worrying, this fussy little plant has finally bloomed. behold the dendrobium aggregatum.

lovely, aren't they? these were home depot seedlings purchased years ago. my rain man notes are missing but they definitely did not bloom in one year as noted on the packages. i've had them since 2012 or 2013. I removed the medium and put them in the basket in April 2016...gave them a dry winter rest from Thanksgiving 2016 to Valentine's Day 2017. And voila! I was rewarded with 2 spikes. Maybe it was a combination of natural humidity, outdoor growing and daily misting/watering that prompted the spikes.

It has a lot of pseudobulbs so hopefully there are some additional spikes hidden in there. But at any rate, enjoy!

Ciao for now,

Monday, September 5, 2016


They're still alive! Yet they look the same to me...except for the new leaves on the dendrobium spectabile.

Green means go! As in go to the beach...the orchids are safe. Ciao for now,

#Dirtbag alert

...saw this sleazebag a few weeks ago at a neighborhood eatery. here's a pic of this dirty ass cop with his sleazy accomplice - Chris Orcinolo & Khuram Ahmad. They will be on a featured episode of #FearThtNeighbor. Stay tuned. I am paining the internet with their unscrupulous mugs.

Ciao for now,

Big Bloomers

...but alas, there was only one bud.

behold the Cattleya hybrid, Blc. Mem. A-Nunt Meesangnil. I think this one was a forced bloom. Hopefully, this big lady will show her face more than once a year.


Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Nobody Likes (or Tips) a Fat Stripper

...not that i'm changing my profession - especially not to the trolling for singles industry.

i have gained quite a bit of chubb over the last 9 months. i'm only pregnant with possibilities and not with a bambino peepthischica, kittens or puppies...though i could make the news with either of those.

anywho, i am back on the SPY workout plan - spinning, pilates, yoga.

spinning gave me the body i always wanted with limited effort. three days a week with two days of lifting weights and i was at my lowest body fat since my teenage years (when i ate extra slices of pizza to try and gain weight).

pilates...i recently tried core contour and even though i'm carrying some extra weight, i'm still fairly fit. BUT this workout made even my neck muscles ache. possibly because i was straining to overcompensate for my now weak upper body, but seriously - everything hurt. i tried to work out the kinks with a three day a week schedule but i was so achy, i could barely participate so it felt like a waste of a somewhat 9ummm, very expensive) class. after my two weeks, i could only manage two classes a week (though my goal was three...Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

now, if only i was an advocate of sugar daddies...caz this workout schedule requires some serious disposable income. But, i am my own chica, who refuses to be bound by anyone's expectations for gifts bestowed upon me.

yoga...i finally tried aerial yoga and i LOVE it. i thought bikram was my thing, but it's so freaking hot and i am a curly haired chica whose extended curls disintegrate in frizzy mayhem in excessive humidity and heat.

aerial yoga provides that hammock of security that bathes you with light, love and knowing that you can't tip over. what's not to love?

so, let's do this! the objective is to lose the chubb and get back to a 3 day per week work schedule so i can go back to being a lady who might like to lunch (or launch). for now, it's five days a week and all systems go. in the words of the beanie sleep til!

ciao for now,

Sunday, February 28, 2016

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Phal Love and Brass Blooms

Hola! Oh yes, it's been a while. A lot has happened since I last posted...including this fabulous bloom:

Just say ciao to the BL yellow bird...a brassovola-cattleya hybrid. This little lady was an exchange for a phalanopsis that kicked the bucket. I am one of those cheap-o's who holds Home Depot to their one year plant guarantee. Ms yellow bird is labeled 9/14/2014 and spiked and bloomed a few weeks after I exchanged her in 10/10/2015.

Hmmm, perhaps I should include more brassovolas in my collection. Blooms are soooo much more satisfying than foliage. I'm leaving her where she is..caz I really must learn to stop moving things about.

On another note, I've yet to be blessed by a reblooming phalaenopsis. I've had a few new leaves on some and then they just shrivel up and croak. I think I'm an over-watererer and the crowns rotted. I joined a group on Facebook on water culture, which is a completely soil-less alternative. The orchids are either always in a low amount of water or they are soaked for 2 days and left bare root in a glass container for the remaining 5 days. 

The last phal in question had the same issues I mentioned previously - dry roots. But, with the 2 day immersion water culture method, she has new roots. Unfortunately, this chica is an unnamed little tag left behind.

I'm too chicken to cut off the other dead roots. I'll just let them mingle almost the living like non-threatening zombies. But look at that new growth. I am soooo excited!

Ciao for now.