Monday, February 20, 2012

ArtGasm 02.18.2012 & Polaroid Madness

well, maybe not so much madness...more like a little locita (as in i was crazy laughing and socializing and neglected to take more photos). anywho, here are a few moments of girls and boys on film....oooh, now i have to dig out my old duran duran cd to listen to that song or pop it into a playlist on pandora:

alex's new kicks and my AKB (ass kicking boots, which i wore with this dress from tinley road via piperlime)

and met this guy in the hallway as he was packing up to leave his studio @ bakehouse art complex
the king of cool vibes & goatees

and saw this loving couple in the studio of the fabulous irena gapskova

and then bumped into mickey michael todd (never has a man with 3 first names been this fabulous since phillip michael thomas)

and continued the urban art safari with jonathon rose

and wrapped up more smiles than you can shake a stick at from alex torres

is it obvious? a good time was had by all. i had much better luck with the silver film from the impossible project on this roll....hahaha, also after i read their tips and instructions so maybe it was an operator error. oh well, ciao for now,

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