Friday, February 3, 2012

Slacker No More

oh yes, the age of slack-ism has ended. i'm officially sick of carbs. well, my stomach is and maybe my thighs. my tastebuds are undecided. i refuse to be one of "those girls" know the ones who complain about everything and never do anything to fix the things in question (except complain, which expends about 10 calories per hour and sucks the fun out of everyone else's day). so, i found a local gym that offers the helix. supposedly, it's an exercise machine that is low impact like an elliptical BUT punishes the lady trouble spots (hips, thighs, bum, abs) like no other.

according to the reviews and trainers, the helix targets and works the lower body like there's no tomorrow. it looks harmless enough, but this bad boy is a freaking beast. i mean, i know i've been slacking for months (as in neglecting my 5 day a week workout schedule), but i could and did easily jump back on an elliptical during the past 6 months and not swear i was dying until the 15 minute mark. on the helix, however, at minute 3, resistance 2, i was like OMG! and WTH!...and i didn't use any abbreviations.

how does it differ from an elliptical? the motion is side to side...which takes a bit of getting used to for the uncoordinated among you. i'm included in that population. this side to side jig targets the inner and outer thighs, while leaning back from the machine helps target the abs and glutes.

anywho, 2.2 Fitness (owned, operated and sexified by the fabulous Renato Silva) offers helix training as a circuit prevent poor, unsuspecting slackers like me (who mistake it for just another weird elliptical machine) from intensely heavy non-sex related breathing and psuedo-cardiac arrest at minute 6.

also, his studio is HAUTE! seriously, it's the best looking gym i've ever seen...reclaimed wood, stone wallpaper, zen-inducing bathrooms, ambient lighting, amazing/jaw-dropping chandeliers...and oh yes - spinning classes and personal training. the kicker? he designed the interior himself. umm, can you say multi-talented?

photos via 2.2 fitness website

yums, right?

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